LAVISTA ARENA - Bangi Resort Hotel

LaVista Arena

Your new indoor sports venue.

Bangi Resort Hotel is bringing to you our latest facility addition, LaVista Arena; a multipurpose activity and event hall. An epitome of versatility, LaVista Arena offers a spacious venue that can transform into a hub of diverse group activities and events, from team building programmes to sports and even exhibition! Spanning approximately 6,000 square feet, it boasts two distinct halls designed with flexibility in mind, ensuring seamless transformation into dynamic space for different activities and events. The expertly crafted facility enhances the adaptability of this space, making it the ideal choice for any occasion. Find out more from our friendly Front Desk team or email

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1. AFA Community

Hall 1 (Court 1 – 4)

2. Courtsite

Hall 2 (Court 5 – 8)